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At Dudino Kids Footwear, we make data security and confidentiality a high priority. This Personal Data Protection Policy establishes clear guidelines for the manner in which Dudino Kids Footwear processes your personal data. Below is an explanation of how we will use the personal data you leave behind or provide when you visit our website and order products from our online store. In that connection, we will act as a data controller, and you can direct enquiries concerning the processing of your personal data to us via our contact page or the email address provided below.



Responsible for the processing of your personal data:

Dudino Tekstil Ayakkabi Dis Ticaret ve Sanayi Ticaret LTD STI

Maslak Mah.,AOS 55 Sok., 42 Maslak, B Blok No:4, İç Kapı No:562 Sarıyer, İstanbul


You can contact us at:
Tel. +90 533 163 18 90




When you visit our website or purchase products or register for contests, newsletters etc. on, we will confidentially process the personal data that you provide to us, e.g. your name, your contact information (including address, email address and phone number), as well as payment details.

We also collect and analyse data on visitors’ use, traffic and activity on dudino’s website. This includes your IP address, browser type (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.) operating system (e.g. Windows), interaction with advertisements (e.g. clicking or posting) and the pages you visit. We do so using cookies, and we can use cookies to provide you with personalised recommendations for products and services. When you use our website, you accept our use of cookies, as is stated in our cookie policy. This involves processing your personal data, which is done based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. You can read more about our use of cookies and how to withdraw your consent below.



The personal data that you provide and we collect can be used for the following purposes:

  • Delivering agreed products/services
  • Communicating with you in connection with your purchase
  • Individual communications and marketing of products etc. via newsletters, for example
  • Targeted communication on social media and other digital channels
  • Administration of your user account
  • Surveys, statistics and analyses for improving our products and websites
  • Optimizing and improving the user experience on our websites
  • Other marketing initiatives


Please note that we will use your personal data to send you marketing materials such as newsletters and text messages only if you have given prior express consent.

If you have consented to receiving marketing materials such as newsletters, we can use your email address and phone number to send you newsletters and marketing materials that are relevant to you. In this way we can tailor our offers to you based on the information we have, which includes information about your past purchases and demographic information such as your gender, date of birth and address (profiling). You can withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing from the newsletters or text messages you receive from us.

Dudino Kids Footwear keeps statistics on which areas of our website users visit and which products users prefer. This data does not include personal information. Using the data we collect, we can gain knowledge about how users use our website. This information is used to improve our website. We use data on how all of our users navigate our website to understand how our users, as a collective group, use dudio’s websites. On this basis, we try to make our website even better. We are unable to see where else you go on the Internet once you have left our site.